Friday, April 22, 2011

Brain washed by ''Sonic''

Sonics constant advertisements of there fucking delicious hot dogs lured my fat ass like a fly to shit.. The Chicago on poppy seed bun is awesome makes me want to move to Chicago and have one of these every day... That foot long with chili and cheese is outrageous.. I highly recommend getting on your scoot and hitting up your local Sonic You will not be let down, unless your a total pussy and don't eat meat....

Cool Paint

The photo is bad but the paint looks good..lets see how long it will stay all nice and shiny..

A trip to hannum's Harley

Wow Thats got to be Hulk Hogans ride...

Looks like if Harley Davidson had a monster truck that would be the graphic....

The Ol Lady would not be complaining, that back seat is like a lazy boy re cliner...

Saturday, April 16, 2011


BURZUM - Valen - album fallen 2011

Bringing back the blacker metal

Ghost - Ritual (LIVE) Hammer of Doom Festival 4

A vid sure to make ya’ll Grim

Cool burn out action by boltsaction

Burnouts at Grim Cycles from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

Awkward Introductions// BF 3 Builder

By Born Free
Allow myself to introduce myself? Joshua P. Conley, the 3rd member of Born Free organization. I came to be a part of Born Free shortly after the first show. Realizing how special it was I jumped at the chance to contribute. At BF2 I was to head up the bike build and the beer. After much help from Mike, Grant, Shawn and many others we had a Panhead and after some help from Billy at Roscoe’s we had 2 pallets of PBR, mission accomplished. It really feels good to be part of something that brings people, friends and cool bikes together from all of the country and the world.
Now allow me to introduce BF3 invited builder Scott Craig. I hear many chopper builders and enthusiasts say “That was the bike that started it for me” Scott’s bikes have “Started” more peoples true passion for choppers then he would ever admit. He would however admit that it has been sometime since one of his creations has rolled off the lift. That will all change on June 25. I was able to snap a few preview shots of his near completed BF3 invited builder entry that is sure to inspire a few more people.
Top Secret Spy Pics of Scott Craigs BF3 entry.