Friday, February 4, 2011

Sorry & Thanks

Wow this really sucks, I hope these guys get things rolling again...If you need any help let me know, Im all about helping a Philly brother out....
By Freak out the Squares
So the site went down today. Reason: too much action. Was on the phone with the hosting company for over over an hour after work tonight. The said "for the level of the hosting I am paying for the site is wreaking havoc on the shared server." I told they guy, that's what we do, show up, make a mess, maybe accidentally break a few things and jam stuff up for other people.

So it was a year ago this past weekend that the site launched. About 300,000 visits later the thing takes a dump with no warning at all. No call, no email, nothing. They told me, take a guess... I need to give them more money. About 3000% more. How convenient for them. Feed the machine or die. I just paid for another year with unlimited bandwidth about 2 month ago. The flow was about the same then as it is now.

The sad part is, sales just don't support that kind of expense and I've had the hardest year financially of my life. Didn't get into this to get rich but I cant let it make me go any more broke. Already sold the pan to keep a roof over our head and to give the kid a solid Christmas. Not really sure whats going to happen. But that's what's happening. David and Goliath type shit. I am working on options and doing what I can.

Thanks to everyone for a pretty amazing year. The friends I've made and things I've been a part of will last a lifetime.

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