Friday, December 17, 2010

Cool Photos by Josh Kupius

Kemosabe and the lodge 


I have the greatest respect for the photographers that continue to shoot film. I was fortunate enough to begin my education spending countless hours in a darkroom then ending it sitting behind a computer with the infiltration of the digital SLR. I was forced to be educated in both mediums. There is something to be said for the people that submerged their hands in a tray of fixer. It is my opinion that there is a higher level of love put into each and every shot when shooting film. Each click of the shutter is another coin that has found it's way through the hole in a nearly empty pocket. The utmost care is taken to make sure each shot will potentially be worthy enough to be snipped and projected to light sensitive paper for display on a gallery wall. Prospective, line, light, focus, reflection, aperture, shutter speed, exposure.....etc.etc..etc. are all things carefully calculated before even considering pulling the dark slide and releasing the shutter. What has become of us? I miss the sole and I miss the love....... digital has corroded the value of the images we consume, barrow and steal on a minute to minute basis to keep our electronic minds in order.

Gears are gone..... the mind is outdated.... originality is rare...... and what's stolen is yours.

120 film shot with a Holga camera

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