Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I want to make this short and sweet, especially cause I suck at typing and spelling. Thank you for checking out my blog hope you enjoy the content and are just as entertained as I am hosting it.. I would like to have some more input from the viewer and If you want to send me any flix of projects your working on, things for sale, boob pix, up coming events in your area, more boob pix, and anything cool and scumbagy. I will post that shit. Unlike all the cool dudes on the west coast,with there nice whheather and bronze muscular bodies. We got the hibernation season, I don't know where I'm going with this shouldn't have eaten that space cake before whiting this ha ha.... Send your shit to my e-mail.....degusted77@gmail.com..............Look forward to seeing some cool stuff.......FUCK ALLLLL


  1. Dude ..... your blog kicks ass ...... even though I am on the west coast I can appreciate it. Feel free to steal anything you find on my blog at barsandbikes.blogspot.com [As I often steal some pics off of yours] There are usually a few good looking chicks on there or somethting funny with an occasional bike photo !!!!

    Good luck ......... John

  2. Gus, when you said you were going crazy last night I thought it was just an expression. ... going to the shop tonight, see you there.